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Developing Essential Skills

We provide guidance in development of essential skills that help participants become more confident, live more independently, and build a socially active lifestyle.
Participants may get overwhelmed learning new things or making changes in their routines. With gradual changes and effective learning activities like ours,
we can help achieve positive results.

With our Life Skills Development, we help you with:



Having a healthy lifestyle comes hand-in-hand with achieving quality life. Having the skills to build a healthy life would enhance long-term health and quality of living. We help you develop skills to improve your personal hygiene, cooking, eating habits, your body composition and strength through various exercises.



A fulfilling lifestyle is synonymous with a healthy life. Having fun trying new activities, and exploring new hobbies and interests leads to an active and happier life. We can help you in attending your hobbies and other activities that you enjoy. We can also help you build skills required for daily living activities such as shopping and interacting within the community.



Spending time in the local community is enjoyable. Participation in the community encourages interaction and engagement with other people. We will help you build the skills necessary to confidently travel by public transportation, navigate the roads safely, eat out at restaurants and fully enjoy being in the community.



Life can get lonely at times. But gaining skills necessary in forming and maintaining a good relationship with your family, carer, friends, support workers, and even life partners is worth investing time and effort in. We will also help you build the confidence required to meet new people, make friends, and improve your overall social interaction skills.


Employment Skills

When you are exploring employment opportunities in the community, there are life skills that one should develop to be successful in any chosen career. FlexiHome Care can help in the following to kickstart your job journey:

  • Creating a good resume
  • Things to do and answer during an interview
  • Handling money
  • Budget interaction in workplaces
  • Health and safety practices
  • How to deal with a team
  • Customer service

We're here to help.

Get in touch with us to find out how we can cater for your needs. We will create a personalised and strategic care plan for you and your care needs, so that you can get the most out of your services.

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