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How did you first come to the disability sector?

I found the disability sector with the help of a colleague before he introduced me to work in the said sector, and as a Registered Nurse in my country (Philippines) I have all the background that I need to pursue this career. I just tried and eventually loved this job, because there was no difference in my job before. It’s just giving the quality standard of care, effort and passion to what you love.

What do you like about working with FlexiHome Care?

What I like about working here with FlexiHome Care is the positive atmosphere that urges you to be ready at all times and not making you feel alone to face any new challenges in life. Most of the staffs are very kind, considerate and very approachable. They will first give you a profile of the client and briefing before giving you the roster so that you can prepare and know what to expect and more.

Why do you enjoy working in the disability sector?

Working in disability sector will show you that many people are in need. I enjoyed and learned how they lived and how hard they struggle in life. But, I see the positive view in their faces, they do not feel bullied or discriminated whenever you are with them and show them that you really care. As an individual you need to understand everyone’s emotion and cope up. Lift them up and make them feel that they deserve a normal life and this will give you a very good impact on you and your client with big satisfaction.

How has your time at FlexiHome Care helped you overcome challenges?

As I’ve said before, working here makes me realize that you are not alone whenever you face challenges in life. You just have to change your point of view in life. Learn to be accepted. We tend to focus on our challenges, but remember we live in a one whole world and everyone goes through something. Just be yourself, never judge. Be proud and enjoy the small things in life.

What advice do you have for people in this sector to be successful?

For me, you just need to be yourself, don’t change but change other people’s view in perspective in life. Give your 100% when working especially on what you loved, be honest, more patience is needed and embrace new challenges. Loyalty is rewarded to you if you gave the best quality of care.