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Employee Corner Manshi Panth

How did you first come to the disability sector?

Prior to working in the disability sector, I had the opportunity to work in both aged care and hospital setting. However, after completing my nursing degree, I wanted to use my skills and expertise in a different sector within healthcare and that’s when I decided to join the disability sector. I had previously heard about NDIS and the disability service providers but never had the chance to explore the sector in much detail.

What do you like about working with FlexiHome Care?

FlexiHome Care feels like home, the work environment here is extremely warm and welcoming. The supportive and helpful nature of the employees towards each other is very rare to find. In FlexiHome Care, there is no “you” or “I”, it is always “us”, and this is best part of working with FlexiHome Care. Furthermore, the work environment is inclusive of all diversity and together we strive towards providing compassionate and client-focused care to all our participants.

Why do you enjoy working in the disability sector?

In the disability sector, you get to meet and work with people from different walks of life. It feels great to know the positive changes you can bring to someone’s life by helping them in becoming more independent and confident. I enjoy being able to make profound impact on someone else’s life by assisting them in accomplishing their goals.

How has your time at FlexiHome Care helped you overcome challenges?

FlexiHome Care has helped me in boosting my self-confidence. During my time here, I have been able to learn leadership and effective communication skills. I have learnt to remain calm and be patient in the most stressful times, and I feel that in the long run, these skills will be able to help me overcome any challenges in life. Also, I have learnt that team work is the key to overcome any challenging situation, and the team here is all about team work and accomplishing achievements together.

What advice do you have for people in this sector to be successful?

Anyone who would want to join the disability sector needs to be compassionate, and should truly have the willingness of making a positive impact on the lives of others. They should be able to value their role and should always have the “can do” spirit.