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How did you first come to the disability sector?

In disability sector I knew that I can excel in this job. Being a Registered Nurse in the Philippines, I handled a lot of clients especially under geriatrics and paediatrics. I studied my Certificate III in Individual Support (Ageing) here in Australia and with that knowledge and skills I can apply what I learned. As an experienced nurse for more than 5 years in a hospital, I’m confident that I can give my best quality care I can provide.

What do you like about working with FlexiHome Care?

 FlexiHome Care has given me the opportunity to boost my skills and confidence to provide people who are in need of my support. I’m working here as a Support Worker and that gave me a chance to reach people’s hands, and believe more on what they think they can do and giving them a positive view of life. I also love working here because of the flexible schedules and I can say that working here in FlexiHome Care surrounded by staffs that are very considerate is very overwhelming.

Why do you enjoy working in the disability sector?

Working in this industry of disability sector is an achievement not only for yourself but also to someone who is in need of your care and support. Giving them the opportunity to look forward of the brighter side of life. Inspire them to be more independent they can also do what others can do. As a provider of quality health care you need to fully understand every individual’s situation, more patience and be appreciative of small things in life. One thing is for sure they will always remember what you did and will never forget what you’ve done to them.

How has your time at FlexiHome Care helped you overcome challenges?

Working here with challenges to face in life made me realize that patience really is virtue. You just have to start your day with positive attitude and give others day wonderful. Learn to accept that everyone is unique. Everything that we are going through we will surpass it. We tend to fall many times but remember to stand up every downfall especially during this pandemic Covid crisis. Be strong, be yourself, and start changing someone else’s life by providing your utmost quality care, health and support.

What advice do you have for people in this sector to be successful?

What can I say is that in everything that you are doing you must provide it whole-heartedly with passion. Be always patient in different circumstances you encounter. Surround yourself with positive people and throw away any negative vibes. Just love what you are doing and that will give you the best feeling ever.